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AAPTE Level 1 & 2 Certified Personal Trainer and Special Olympic USA National Exercise Coach, Consultant, Trainer , Ron Daniels

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Personal Training/Exercise Coach using Multiplex and Interval Techniques in order to establish Core-Balance and a state of Well-Being.

Strength Training problems with sudden unexplained weight lost,

when the goal is increase Muscle/Body Mass (BM)

Maintaining Body Mass for a life time will go along way to preserving health and well being.  Real body mass is the absents of excessive fat and with maximum muscle which allows the body to operate efficiently.



Perhaps the loss of weight might be due to over training resulting with the burning of muscle mass or along with excess fat which would directly impact you’re Body-Mass-Index (BMI)as well as one’s over all body weight?   As part of the training progression, the burning of excess body fat must then must be replace by good calorie sources to avoid the necessity for the body to burn muscle mass.  The burning of muscle mass is often time the goal of marathon runners in order to reach the ideal body weight and type for that particular sport/activity; their BMI levels are extremely low.  Another consideration is whether or not you are getting enough sleep or down time between training; this too could contribute to weight/muscle lost.  When one trains particularly very hard, the muscle fiber mitochondria break down or tears and therefore must have time to repair, thus muscle fiber grow in size and improved strength occur.  This is considered a reconstruction or reshaping process to create a new person from within.  If the client doesn’t practice the proper training protocol then followed up by sufficient rest or down time, this biological process is not given a chance to take holdsthereby allow for increased muscle mass/fiber size and associated strength upgrade.    Client often times can also become prone to possible injury and/or physical setbacks of various natures by not adhering to established training guidelines tailored to the specific individual physical and mental makeup and designated life style.  It is the Personal Trainers responsibility to keep track of the progression to make certain things stay on course.

All training has some impact on the body metabolism or burning of calories; it is a balance of calories intake and the burning ofthose calories during a workout.  Consuming the proper calorie type and amount; proteins, carbohydrates, fat, mineral, water, etc. can also factor into the supply of energy during and after a workout.  If there are not sufficient enough good calories available to the body, it will then burn muscle to compensate and therefore result in loss of overall body weight.  The ideal process associated with a workout is the burning of excess fatty tissue and then replacing the fat with true muscle mass which in itself is heavier than fat; therefore one should experience an increase in body mass and strength along with the loss of excess body fat over the extended training period.  One’s weight would increase which in turn increases the Body-Mass-Index reading. Be aware that the body burns calories even at rest or sleep.

Of note is the little known fact that over exercising can often advances the aging process as reported by

Dr. James Stoxen, D.C., President of Team Doctors, Chiropractic Treatment and Training Center.

Good luck with your training if increase Body Mass/Good Weight gain is the goal results you desire from a properly designed and monitored workout routine.

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Ron Daniels

Hofstra University AAPTE Certified Levels I and II Personal Trainer/Consultant

Special Olympics Certified State and USA Games AthleticCoach/Consultant


Special Olympics USA National Games 2014

The SO USA National Game 2014 were spectacular  particularly for the New York State Power Lifting Team made up of four out standing athletes, Ryan, Daniel, Tommy and Robert.  They finished the national competition with 5 Gold Metals, 2 Silver Metals,  6 Ribbons  and 17 Personal Best Lifts as a team.  Go New York State Power Lifting Team your coach is very proud of your performance.

“MUSCLE-MATRIX” was there first hand for the Empire State Team to help bring the team to victory.

The Special Olympics NY State Games held at the University of Buffalo was the icing on the 2014 USA Game season cake.  The  Summer 2014 Special Olympics was held the USA Games in New  Jersey. Thanks to all though family and fans who  supported the athletes  and teams from New York State. I was proud to  be the coach of the New York  Power  Lifting  Team 2014 USA National Game.

Ron Daniels Hofstra University AAPTE Level 1 and 2 Personal Trainer Special Olympics Athletic  Power Lifting National Coach.

Remember  we all can get into shape to achieve our life goals and  milestones.


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Ron Daniels

APPTE Certified Level 1 and Level 2 Personal Trainer; Special Olympics Athletic Coach.